Good Structures Will Help Entertainers, Creatives Earn More- Willis Raburu

Citizen TV Willis Raburu wants the local entertainment industry to work towards improving structures and systems which will in turn automatically help creatives thrive.

On his social media pages, Raburu stated that poor structures hinder better partnerships between creatives and institutions.

“I feel the industry needs to really open up more for creatives so that even corporates and other institutions can do better with payments,” he said.

The 10-over-10 host added that Kenya carries a lot of talent like many other African countries but creators struggle to make money from their art because of a lack of these structures.

“Organisations and basically the entertainment industry needs to be structured so that the artist makes money from art. The content creator makes money from content. We are a vastly talented country and if that is done, the kiki, the oversharing, commercializing victims and grief may just stop,” he said.

Raburu’s words come just a few weeks after singer Karun aired her frustration with the Kenyan entertainment scene.

The RnB singer and songwriter, in an interview on The Singleton Stories with the famed Kenyan storyteller Biko Zulu, expressed her vexation saying that it’s hard to live off your art in Kenya.

She argued that poor structures have left only a few artists thriving while a majority of others struggling to make ends meet.

“I’ve been in the music industry for 11 to 12 years and it still makes no sense. It’s still extremely difficult to continue thriving here. And so the few selected ‘successful’ artists that you can say are making it, it still baffles me that we can keep going because the industry isn’t very forgiving,” said Karun.

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