5 Times Kenyan Collaborations Sounded Oh So Good!

Collaborations are a way of life in the music industry. You may prefer to work alone sometimes but every once in a while you will reach out to a different artist or you will get approached. Reasons for this vary and I’m not here to talk about that. I just wanna highlight some of the collaborations Kenyan artists have done with artists from other African countries that sounded too, too good. Also, this is my personal list. If you disagree… there’s too many ways I could finish that statement.

1. Victoria Kimani feat Khuli Chana- All The Way.

Love her or hate the Chocolate City signed songstress did make a nice record with Khuli Chana. I initially thought she was speaking Lingala but as it turns out she’s actually speaking Yoruba and it’s sounds so good! It’s a mellow song but the irony is it’s a party track and she’s talking about dancing all the way. The video is pretty dope too. Love it!

2. Victoria Kimani feat Ommy Dimpoz and Diamond- Prokoto

Let me not lie. I don’t know what Prokoto means. As opposed to All The Way, Prokoto is actually a love song(?). I hear things about putting a ring on it and such like things. However I’m not thinking about the message in the song when this comes on. I just want to turn up and enjoy myself.

3. Sauti Sol and Ali Kiba- Unconditionally Bae

This one is a love ballad where the fellas sing on the difficulty of finding love in the modern day world. The chics love money while guys have their own little dramas. The combination was great and that they fuse some of Luhya culture in it with the drums (I think) makes it sound yeah, oh so good!

So what they released two videos in one just after Rihanna had done it with the Work video? So what the second video kinda looks like Justin Bieber’s Sorry video? Still sounds good.


4. Kidum feat Lady Jaydee- Nitafanya

Kidum is technically not Kenyan (he’s Burundian) but since he’s based here and he’s lived here for quite a while, we’re going to claim him… because he’s good at making music and we like talent.

Released about four years ago, you know this song had to feature on here. It’s the passion in Kidum’s voice, it’s the blend of his verses with Jaydee’s, it’s the message in the song, it’s everything about it. Unlike most tracks, I can confidently play this for my folks and not expect some nastiness to pop up or an awkward moment. Listen to this five years from now and tell me you won’t still enjoy the tune. I won’t believe you though.

5. Kidum feat Juliana- Haturudi Nyuma

Do I really need to say anything about this track other than it’s too awesome?

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