Going Solo: Fresh Start For Sarabi’s Mandela

16 October of 2017 by

“New year, new things” – if that’s still something that people say in 2017.

Mandela, the artist best known as a key vocalist for Sarabi, has now chosen to pursue his own path. And he’s kicked things off with the release of not one, but two new tunes.

Following in the path of artists like Nyashinski and Muthoni DQ in recent months, Mandela is throwing as much as he can to the wind – and hoping that both will resonate with his audience.

“Fantastic Love” and “Hakuna Matata”, signify a new direction for the artist. He say that he’s still the same person just a little older and wiser: “People should expect a new energy from me… I’m happy and glad I took the time off to find myself as an individual and as an artist; this seclusion has enabled me to mature and grow musically…”

Check out both Fantastic Love and Hakuna Matata on Soundcloud


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