Glenfiddich’s “Where Next” Campaign Kicks Off

A polite drink in the company of like-minded people will often lead to some interesting conversations.

Glenfiddich’s “Where Next” is one such global campaign that launched in Kenya recently. Where Next Live is a platform that brings maverick change-makers together for a series of intimate round table conversations that aim to inspire the next wave of innovators around the world. Listening to other people share their journey inspires you to do the same right?

The first edition was held at Matbronze in Karen (trust EatOut Kenya to put us on to new spots) and was attended by personalities such as Aunt Nimo a lawyer and social media influencer, Kagwe Mungai, Magunga, Mwende Ngao who got to taste the latest offering Glenfiddich Grand Cru with the national brand ambassador Mulunda.

Mulunda, Glenfiddich Kenya’s National Ambassador, who guided the guests over tasting notes and Glenfiddich’s ideology noted,” To stay at the top you need to constantly look forward into the unknown and try something new. It’s only when you do this; embrace risk, stare fear in the eyes, is it possible to evolve and grow stronger”

Next time you are sipping some Glenfiddich with friends; do ask yourselves “Where Next”?

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