Glam In Pictures: How It Went Down At The Fashion Product Lab Affair

Whether it’s color, pop or style the camera is the ideal storyteller. The Tufilamu Pictures Limited, Turn Up Travel and Metta Nairobi teamed up to bring a glitzy fashion show dubbed The Fashion Product Lab Affair.

The glamorous fashion show was out to narrate epic stories on a run-way, bring in differences and similarities of the different people in society today. People who have lived and still living in Kenya as refugees. The mood of the fashion show richly sold the ideology that who you have been should never define who you could be.

The models brought to life different origins such as Ethiopia, Sudan, Rwanda who were represented to the max, giving a warm African feel and an inclusive vibe to who we are as Africans. Our cultures could be different, our stories totally antonymous but our existence is divinely similar – and this was brought to life at the fashion show.

The designers not only sold creativity but brought in what could easily be termed a generic natural feel to who an African be it in trouble or not, war or not, happiness or not. We are sublime humans ones to behold, gaze at, love and more than anything ones who conquer the world in color, style and power.

The designer’s work in picture form :
Chicolatta: Dorothy Anyango

Caverroh :Carolle Mwangura

YAK:Yvonne Asunnah

Naivaa:Joel Meshak

The Urban Gents: Collins Kaki

Nothing beats the eye of the camera, nothing defeats its story and Tufilamu know that life is one for capturing and culture is one for sharing, living and representing just right.