How #GitheriMan Turned The Kenya Election Into A Hilarious Internet Moment


We are, as usual, waiting for the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission to name the country’s new president. Many have decided to stay at home and catch up with TV as the Commission does its job, while foreign journos describe ‘tension’ and ‘chaos’ that to be honest, the vast majority of us have seen nothing of.

So it was nice to have a moment when we could do what is intrinsically Kenyan – laugh at ourselves.

The object of the fun was a picture of a man who had taken part in the polls on Tuesday 8th. He was holding a bag of githeri as he braved the queue and the cold, so of course, clever internet people quickly turned him into the meme of the month.

Check out some of the funniest:

Kenyans – love us or hate us, we know how to laugh at pretty much anything!

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