“Girls Aloud” Hosts Debut Extravaganza Celebrating Women in Comedy

Comedy enthusiasts in Nairobi were in for a treat over the weekend at the “Girls Aloud” a two-day comedy extravaganza. Led by an all-female lineup, this event celebrated International Women’s Month in style. The laughter-filled spectacle commenced on Saturday, 9th March 2024, with a gala night at the prestigious Louis Leakey Auditorium in the National Museum. Afterward, it was followed by a matinee the next day at The Two Grapes Wines & Friends in Kilimani.

The stage had a stellar cast of comedians, featuring South African comedian Tumi Morake and Tanzania’s leading female comedian Neyla Manga, alongside Kenyan superstars: Ciru Mwangi, Nelly Wangechi, and Mama Ngina. The event was expertly hosted by the witty Shazz Nderitu, offering a celebration of womanhood, hilarious jokes, and engaging banter.

Girls Aloud
Tumi Morake engaging with the crowd 

Each comedian brought their unique flair to the stage, transcending cultural boundaries with a delightful blend of observational humor, wit, and poignant insights. From tales of everyday life to commentary on societal norms and the absurdities of the modern world, the performances resonated deeply with the diverse audience.

Tumi Morake Headlines Girls Aloud

Headlining the event, Tumi Morake, is popular for her groundbreaking achievements. These include being the first African woman to feature in her own Netflix special and the inaugural female host of Comedy Central Presents in Africa. The popular comedian expressed her delight in being part of the “Girls Aloud” comedy show. “This weekend was an incredible experience. The energy from the audience was palpable, and sharing the stage with such talented fellow comedians was a true honor. At moments like this, we see the true power of comedy to unite us, and the strength of laughter in bringing people together.” She remarked.

Girls Aloud

In addition to Tumi’s sentiments, Eric Lu Sava, Head of Operations at Punchline Comedy Club, emphasized the significance of women’s voices in stand-up comedy. He highlighted the importance of creating safe and progressive spaces that accommodate and encourage diverse ideas and voices. Sava further expressed pride in showcasing the brilliance and hilarity of women in comedy.

Lastly, the Sunday matinee at Two Grapes Wines & Friends allowed attendees to enjoy hilarious jokes and interact more closely with the world-class lineup. It underscored the power of laughter to unite and uplift communities, leaving a lasting impact on all those in attendance.

Girls Aloud’ delivered an unforgettable evening of laughter and celebration. With weekly comedy nights continuing to celebrate women in comedy throughout International Women’s Month, fans can prepare for an exciting season of premium comedic talent.

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