Is Girl Group ‘Linda’ The Next Big Thing?

If you are a fan of Swahili renditions, you have probably heard of them before – and if you haven’t, its better late than never!

LINDA seems to be the name on everyone’s lips at the moment – comprised of the singers Raych, Beryl and Alexis, one of their most recognizable tunes is their gorgeous “Usitoroke” which is based on the international hit single by JADE called “Don’t walk away”.

And now the ladies have even more fire up their collective sleeves. They released “Nini Zaidi” earlier this month, and the buzz was stellar!

LINDA says that the purpose of forming the group was the aim to bring the authentic quality and feeling to music back into the current scene. It says that it wants to provide the missing voice, feeling and link to an audience that otherwise would be holding on to their music collections.

It wants to build a foundation on top of this fan base and then stretch beyond that, using Swahili.

Those are some intimidating goals – it will be great to watch them strive to achieve them.

Check out more of their work HERE

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