9 Kenyan YouTube Channels to help you better manage your finances

Kenyan business mogul Chris Kirubi once said, “Your financial wealth is defined by how and where you spend the little resources you have.”  Money is a scarce resource, this therefore means that one needs to watch how each coin is spent and diversify income sources.

Very little is taught about money in school hence the need to invest in knowledge about money. Below are some great Kenyan YouTube channels that are full of knowledge that will help you you organize your finances:


Founded by financial advisor Waceke Nduati, this channel will equip you with knowledge on various aspects of finances. The channel has testimonials from students who have undertaken the Centonomy Financial Freedom course with topics ranging from Group Investments to Personal Finances. Click here to register for their course.

Online Income Circle

This channel is a haven for online freelancers as it has all the tips on how one can maximize on their online gigs. From beginner tips on How To Make Money Online to more advanced topics such as Use Of Online Freelance Markets such as Fiverr, this channel will help you upgrade your online freelancing game and make more money.

Terry Anne Chebet

Entrepreneur and media personality Terry Anne Chebet shares financial knowledge gems on her YouTube channel. So far her channel has covered discussions on topics such as Real Estate, Side Hustles and  Start-up Businesses just to mention a few. All these accompanied by extra knowledge on both Personal and Business Branding, will take your financial expertise to a new level.


Run by Olive Nkirote, this channel has a lot of information on latest investment trends such as the unpredictable waters of Cryptocurrency. She has also shared advice on SACCOS, Bonds and Bills and Online Jobs among others. She has also given extra tips on day to day encounters such as Buying and Shipping of Goods from Online Stores such as Amazon, Fixing PayPal Errors, Insurance Claiming Process etc.

Income Creatives

Founded by Alex Mwangi, this channel will furnish you with knowledge on a wide range of financial matters such as Entrepreneurship, Business Ideas, Personal Finance and Online Job Ideas among others.

Money-Wise With Rina Hicks

Corporate Finance Specialist Rina Hicks shares her wealth of knowledge in finance matters here. Her topics are very practical and cover topics such as Taxation, Investments, Debt Management and Retirement among others. She also conducts interviews on money matters with successful business and corporate individuals too.

Just Ivy

This channel is run by Just Ivy from Over 25. Even though it is relatively new, it has earned its spot in this list due to the informative content it already has so far. Topics such as Money Market Funds, Real Estate, Savings, Matrimonial Property and Investing Abroad have already been tackled.


This is without a doubt the hub of information as far as entrepreneurship is concerned. This channel has vast knowledge on various entrepreneurship topics such as business ideas, Taxation, Digital Content Creation, Managing Start-ups etc.

Caroline Mutoko

Our list would be incomplete without the queen of radio Caroline Mutoko. Even though her channel is diverse, there is a lot of noteworthy information on financial matters too. With topics such as Investments, Real Estate, Women & Money and even the new Digital Service Tax, you are bound to better understand the importance of planning for your money. The interviews she conducts on the channel are also as informative as they are inspiring.

We hope that the knowledge from this phenomenal Kenyans will enable you become better at your finances.

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