Get A Rich Man- What Kamene Goro’s Mum Had To Say After Being Called On Live Radio

Kiss 100 FM presenter Kamene Goro has always insisted she wants a man richer than her and from the look of things, it runs in the family.

Goro’s mother was called during Kiss FM’s Breakfast Show alongside Jalang’o and shared some pretty surprising advice for the 29-year-old presenter who has been under pressure to marry lately. Goro, severally, has insisted that she wants a rich man and apparently her mother agrees.

“That man has matched her intelligence,” said Kamene’s mum after Jalas asked her who she thinks her daughter should settle for.

“He has to have more money than her and definitely someone who respects her and treats her as an equal.”

Jalas has been jokingly pushing Kamene to marry ever since he joined the show. Kamene however, has insisted that she lost interest in settling down and starting a family ever since her ugly divorce when she was just 23.

Listen to the phonecall below:


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