Gengetone Group Matata Drop Highly-Anticipated EP, ‘Unaware’ In Collaboration With Nviiri & Bensoul

Norway-based Kenyan Music Band/ Dance Group Matata has finally dropped their highly anticipated EP Unaware. The group that is comprised of 5 members Freddy Milanya, Festus Mwenda, Richard Mathu, Marcus Ojiambo, and Ken Kimathi, has collaborated with Sol Generation Signees Nviiri The Storyteller and Bensoul on this EP.

Unaware is part of Matata’s current and first-ever homecoming tour. Its song list includes: Pombe Na Kizungu Mingi, Tulia Nikupange, Matatu and Unaware. From its animated cover art to its tracks, Unaware is an authentic narration of various Kenyan stories.

Pombe Na Kizungu Mingi which seems to be an immediate fan favorite is a drinking anthem, while Tulia Nikupange is about typical situations that many Kenyans find themselves in. Matatu is about Kenya’s profound Matwana culture and Unaware is a creative narration of a people who find themselves in unexpected situations.

While Matata members flaunt their Sheng’ lyrics and creative rhyme schemes in their verses, Nviiri and Bensoul add their soulful voices and impressive songwriting skills creating unique blends in the tracks. The harmonies in songs such as Unaware and Tulia Nikupange are a testament to the immense talent that these 3 acts possess.

With all these acts on a steady rise to music icon status, the Unaware EP is a perfect timing collaboration that will propel each of their musical careers to a new level. Matata is one of Kenya’s finest musical exports behind hits such as Mare Mare, Chini Chini, and Kata just to mention a few. AFRIMA 2021 nominees Bensoul and Nviiri on the other hand have tons of fans and boast of hits such as Lucy and Pombe Sigara respectively.

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