Genge Icon Jimwat Makes Comeback With Social Reform Hit ‘Bazu’

James “Jim” Wathigo “Wat” Mburu, better known by his stage name Jimwat, the pioneering Kenyan genge rapper, has made a highly anticipated return to the music scene with his new single “Bazu.” The hard-hitting track tackles pressing social issues and calls for reform in Kenya.

After a lengthy hiatus from the limelight, during which time he battled alcohol addiction, the 38-year-old artist is back with a powerful statement. “Bazu” fires lyrical shots at government corruption, economic inequality, and substance abuse among Kenyan youth.

In the recently dropped “Bazu,” Jimwat pulls no punches in addressing Kenya’s current condition through his hard-hitting verses. From searing bars about inequality and injustice to gritty depictions of life on the streets, “Bazu” holds a mirror up to the struggles facing many Kenyans today. The track is unafraid to call out the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) and other institutions he believes need reform.

Fans are already hailing “Bazu ” as an important cultural commentary from one of Genge’s original voices. With its blend of hard-hitting bars and a message pushing for positive change, the single represents an evolution for the genre Jimwat helped bring to prominence over 15 years ago.

As he re-emerges into the spotlight, the celebrated rapper says he wants to use his platform to inspire and uplift Kenya’s young people through music.