Gaming To The Next Level

Spending free time in this tech era is nothing close to what 90’s babies had. Kids and young adults are spending less time outdoors. It is no big deal that a school holiday can fly by without visiting anyone or partaking in an adventure, hike or road trip. Some of the popular back in the day games like Katie, Bano, kalongo, Shake or even Tapo are outdated gimmicks to this generation youngsters.  Everyone is hauled up in their living room, or bedroom with a giant screen as best buddy. Sound proof ear muffs or head phones, control pads never leave the hand and one sitting position facing the screen is a typical scene behind these locked doors. Much of the socializing is with the machine and the keyboard nearby. Occasionally a friend or two visit and that’s when the “crowd” enjoyment is felt in that house.

GTA Poster


People are hauled up playing video games. Most popular gaming consoles being Play station and X-Box. Experts have declared gaming is not as bad for brain development of kids and decision making of young adults. This being a progressive and accepting era, it is not an omen to be locked up in your room all day/night working that pad till you reach all levels a game requires. After that you invite your friends for that FIFA 16 game and give them a whooping. Soon as you done with them, log on to other gaming sites, enter online gaming leagues and battle it out with other people from different continents.

In Nairobi, the culture of getting the gaming zone from the house to the city is catching up quick. Visit your local bootleg movie store you will find a huge screen or two and some guys breathing hard over a game. The waiting line is usually long enough because it is cheap. In my trip in the city Centre, I came across a new set up. An entrepreneur decided to open a gaming arcade. Just by Moi Avenue, Rahimtulla Trust building you will see glitters calling you to spend time in there.

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Come on let’s face it, sometimes you are in the city and done with your bustle but don’t want to head home. The club, movie at the theatres, or window shopping can help kill time but don’t do so always. The guys at Gametronixx look to capture the attention of all gamers in one zone. Well set up couches, enough personal space and lively colors brighten up the joint. They’ve got two floors all with state of the art gaming equipment. I’m talking of Ps4, X-Box 360, big ass screens, complete with roll cages, bucket seats, powered performance gaming seats with inbuilt speakers and woofers. Damn it’s an experience that matters over there. Some of the games available include FIFA 2016, Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, Tekken warriors, Need for Speed, Uncharted 4,Call of Duty 4, Destiny, Grand Theft Auto, Battlefield 1, Assassins Creed Unity just to mention a few. To retain the clientele, they have an offer where you can pay 100bob per hour in the morning and evening hours, 200bob in the afternoon. You can also enter a FIFA tournament where you stand to win 25000 if you conquer all the participants in a set league. You can purchase games right there, gaming accessories like pads, earphones and memory sticks. This is bound to be a one stop shop for all gaming enthusiasts.

In the CBD and you have time on your hands or want to kick up your gaming adrenalin, visit Gametronixx store and see how many competitors can fall on your sword.


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