G Money Leaving Homeboyz Radio After 16 Years

Renowned radio personality G Money, also known as Conrad Gray, has announced his departure from Homeboyz Radio, where he has been a pivotal figure for almost 16 years.

Since joining Homeboyz Radio, G Money has captivated audiences with his charismatic presence, distinctive voice, and profound knowledge of music. His morning shows became a staple for many Kenyans, blending music, humor, and insightful commentary on current events.

Reflecting on his journey, G Money shared, “I have been doing radio at Homeboyz Radio for 6,066 days. I have done the morning show for like 16 years. I think it’s time for a mutual revamp.”

G Money’s arrival in Kenya was serendipitous. Originally brought in by DJ John of Homeboyz Radio to help set up the station, G Money quickly became one of the station’s most influential figures and a key player in Kenya’s dancehall scene.

“I had been on the BBC One Xtra show for about six years and, as life would have it, I met John in London and he told me he was starting a radio station,” he recalled during a recent episode of the Banter Box podcast.

His last show at Homeboyz Radio is set for June 20. Reflecting on this milestone, he noted, “I feel it’s good at this time for the station to be cognizant of the financial and media landscape as it is, to re-invest in talent and refresh. It’s time for me to say to myself that the kid who wanted to do radio all these years ago has been able to do it for 30 years.”

Expressing gratitude for his career, G Money said, “I have only ever wanted to do one thing and that was radio. God gave me the opportunity to not only just do it but do it in so many places. I have done shows in Jamaica, America, Netherlands, Trinidad, Kenya, Ghana, and Uganda. I have been able to live the radio dream.”

Before making the move to Kenya, G Money faced skepticism from friends, but his grandmother encouraged him to seize the opportunity, advising him to explore places she would never get the chance to visit. Her encouragement proved pivotal, and G Money’s career flourished in Kenya.

Looking ahead, G Money plans to focus more on the entertainment scene as a DJ.

“At some point DJing was how I funded my life when I was just making it in the U.K. When I came to Kenya I had no intentions of DJing. I did not have intentions to buy decks, I was like that phase of my life was done. At this point in my life now, it’s something I really enjoy doing and I want to do more of in the future,” he explained.

As G Money prepares to sign off for the last time on June 20, his impact on Kenya’s radio landscape and his deep connection with his audience will be fondly remembered.

His departure marks the end of an era for Homeboyz Radio and opens new doors for the legendary broadcaster.

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