Funky Fresh Friday! New Music From The 254 To Brighten Your Weekend

It is a holiday weekend and here are some of the crispy fresh new bangers from the 254 music space.

Fena – Ndigithia (Miss Me With It)

Afro-Soul act phenomenal woman Fena is back with her Afro-centric, futuristic sound on a crazy dilly beat. The jam Ndigithia, Kikuyu for Miss Me With It is a great blend of language, swag and evokes some deep emotion. Fena has mastered her sound and she is bound to blow with it across borders. A very interesting video concept done by Fena and Lucid visuals bring out the African pride to the forefront.

Rekles & Swat – Lamba Lolo

It was about time the popular phrase ‘Lamba Lolo’ was recorded into a song. The phrase has a wide range of meanings and it depends on the context in which you hear it in. Check out the video below by some new cats Rekles, Swat, Seska, and Zilla dissect the sheng genre and use of phrases – you will understand after a few listens. The cats who seem to be under 20 years of age have the rap skills of the younger Genge acts and might be a revolution in the making. I still have no concise understanding of ‘Lamba Lolo’.

Arrow Bwoy – Dodo

A true representative of the New Nairobi wave in terms of sound, Arrow Bwoy is stepping up his craft with every release. We’ve had bangers like Digi Digi, Shikisha, Murder and now he has Dodo. What stands out from his jams is the listenability and distinct melodies on the beats and verses. Dodo talks about his girl from the coastal region and the visual by Jordan Hoechlin help narrate the story better.




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