Fun, Romantic Date Ideas To Consider In Nairobi

Dating in Nairobi can be fun and adventurous depending on who you are. There are plenty of first date ideas available, have a look at some before asking that guy or girl out.

Go Karting

Love some adrenaline rush that comes from speed? Well, a drive down Langata road might be a great idea for a first date. Race through the course and later have a meal at the restaurant.

Go To The Movies

Take your date to see a nice romantic or funny movie at the movies, girls love this especially when you hold hands throughout the movie.


Arboretum is the perfect place for some quiet time and picnic. Pack those snacks some few drinks and go enjoy your date in a serene environment.

Climb BlueSky

Climb Bluesky is perfect for couples who love rock climbing, only that it’s an indoors setting rock climbing. Not too bad if you ask me.

Game Night

Why not invite your other half and a few other friends over to your place for a game night? Include a few drinks, snacks, music and games that will keep you occupied the whole night. Perfect way to bond.


Go cycling or just take a walk down at Karura, noting like a refreshing change of environment. Take as many pictures as you can and cherish those moments.

Drive down to Naivasha

Naivasha is like an hour’s drive from Nairobi. Head out early in the morning, take a boat ride when there, go fishing then camping later under the beautiful skies.

Shooting range

Very few know that there exists a shooting range in Nairobi where you and your partner can go shoot for a few hours. Located along Langata Road this could also work as a perfect first date idea.

Uhuru Park

Honestly, Uhuru Park is one nice place to go on a date, especially on a sunny afternoon. Go for a boat ride as you reminisce about all the beautiful memories of your younger years plus, it’s cheap.