Fully Focus Taps Into A New Music Experience with AI Visualizer for “Olodo”

International Kenyan music producer and DJ, Fully Focus, is pushing boundaries and transforming the music scene with the release of a groundbreaking AI visualizer for his single “Olodo.” This innovative release features the vocal prowess of Niniola from Nigeria and Sho Madjozi from South Africa. These two songstresses are influential powerhouses who infuse their unique cultural influences into the mix.

“Olodo” is an exhilarating track and visualizer that injects fresh vitality into the realms of Afrobeats and Amapiano. Produced by Yung Willis, the song takes listeners on a thrilling, high-energy journey propelled by pulsating rhythms, irresistible melodies, and clever wordplay.

Fully Focus

The title “Olodo” is derived from Yoruba. It playfully admonishes those who are slow to understand or learn, capturing the lighthearted ribbing commonly found in various African cultures. Moreover, the blend of genres in the song is infectious, with a rhythmic fusion that resonates with listeners worldwide.

African Ambassador Album

This single is part of Fully Focus’s recent album ‘African Ambassador‘ which delves into diverse sounds. This collection ranges from Afrobeats and Amapiano to Bongo, Gengetone, Kizomba, and Zouk. The AFRIMA Award winner emphasizes the joy of collaborating with other producers. As this allows him to learn instruments and sounds that are dear to their culture, which he can then incorporate into his creative ideas. For him, discovery is an essential aspect of the creative process.

Fully Focus

The ‘African Ambassador’ album has already surpassed 10 million streams, with the lead single “Dimension” becoming the longest-charting Kenyan song of 2022 on Apple’s Top 100. The ten-track album features a star-studded lineup including Bien, Nyashinski, Ya Levis, Vanessa Mdee, AY, Kuami Eugene, Fik Fameica, Slap Dee, Djodje, and Davis D. Additionally, Fully Focus showcases his two PMG artists, Scarr from Atlanta and Llumi from Nairobi.

Fully Focus’ integration of AI technology in the visualizer for “Olodo” demonstrates his commitment to pushing creative boundaries and enhancing the music experience for his audience. By combining captivating visuals with his infectious sound, he provides a multisensory journey that immerses listeners in his music and amplifies African cultural influences

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