Fulfillment In Life Comes From Finding Purpose; Eunice Njeri Speaks On What Makes Her Heart Come Alive

The limelight can sometimes feel like standing on quicksand. If one is not careful, it doesn’t take too long before destruction comes knocking. As such, wisdom is required in order for one to thrive when your life is put out in the open for all to see and give opinions as to how you should live your life. Eunice Njeri the much celebrated gospel artiste speaks on the ups and downs of her life in the limelight, what she wishes she understood as a young minister and how she found her true calling.

What would you say is the greatest sacrifice that you have had to make in order to remain true to your calling? 

God not allowing me to do things that seem normal to others; there are times I have been so broke and a seemingly plush opportunity has come knocking on my door, one that promised to deliver a hefty cheque at my door. But God said, “No, no Eunice, you cannot take that,” and even though everything in me might have wanted to say yes, I had to watch the phone ring as the offerers of the said opportunity tried to get me to change my mind. At times it has been difficult but what I know for certain is that it has always been for my good. It has been God’s way of keeping me on the right path and preserving what He has invested in me – and that is greater than all the money in this world. 

What do you wish you understood as a young minister? 

What I would tell my younger self is this; “It’s going to be okay, don’t sweat it.” I would worry less and pray with more confidence.  

What would you say is the secret to living a full life? 

Finding purpose. For me, engaging in missions has made me 1000% fulfilled. Reaching people from all walks of life, especially in the marginalized areas; these moments make my heart come alive. 

You come across as a very focused minister, what is your secret to staying true to your vision? How do you stay grounded? 

For one, I believe in getting up every time one falls. If you make a mistake, don’t wallow there and allow that to be what defines you. I live with the knowledge that I am eternally forgiven because what Christ did for me was conclusive, so I keep my eyes on the prize (that is Jesus) and I walk on regardless of what I find along my way. If I stumble, Christ remains the definition of my identity and not that one single action of stumbling. 

 What have been the greatest lessons you have learnt on your journey this far? 

I have learnt that truly, they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; I don’t focus on my needs or personal battles, I focus on what God would have me do at any given moment. I have learnt that he will always find a way of making things work out for me, one way or another.  I have also learnt to be patient. Things don’t always have to work out according to the timetable in my mind or unfold according to how I envision them. And that this is okay. Whatever happens, God has me. 


What motto do you live by? 

Psalm 91:1. I believe in going into places where people don’t go. I believe in lying prostrate before God alone, when no one is watching and allowing the river of tears to flow – letting out that ugly cry, letting go and letting God. To be so hidden in God, be where the true treasures of God are found. I have learnt that this also makes me a lot more patient. Growing up, I was not the most confident of children; I used to bite my nails so hard there was hardly anything left to chew on! By the time God was bringing me into the limelight, this was still something I struggled with. But being soaked in His presence has continually changed me. I am not the girl I used to be, plagued by extreme fear and stage fright. He has and continues to make me bold. When I walk up on stage, I know I am not alone – therein lies my confidence. 

What is your definition of success? 

Mentoring others; that what I have will not end with me.  

Tell me about your mission work 

Well, there are a few things I could speak on as far as this is concerned but let me talk about the Secret Place project cum concert that we were working on since 2019. I embarked on the ‘Secret Place’ in April 2019 through a concert held at the International Christian Centre in Nairobi where we used the proceeds to fund the exercise meant to drill a borehole in a remote village in Lodwar. After a year of patience, my partners supported the project by topping up the money we had collected through the concert, and the dream of drilling the borehole came true on March 19th 2020. We struck pure clean water deep in the heart of Lokipetoti village in Lodwar. The most beautiful part was that this was not salty water but it pure, fresh, clean water; tastes like rainwater. I was ecstatic. This became a solution to scores of families that have gone for decades without access to clean water. My heart was full. Such moments make my heart skip a beat. And to see God’s faithfulness through the process is something that is difficult to express in words. 

What is the ultimate dream of your life, what do you want out of this existence? 

To do what I am already doing but in a much bigger capacity. 

If you could relive the seasons of your life what would you change? 

Not a thing. The good has made me stronger, the mistakes have left me wiser and better. Yes, I have grown even in the midst of the mistakes.  

 What do you consider to be your greatest asset? 

My family; siblings, mum and dad. I have learnt that this is a safe place for me, it is where I can be myself without fear of judgement. It is where I can go when I have much and when I have little, when the world celebrates me or persecutes me. These know me, behind the curtains of the limelight. I also value my church family greatly. 

What would you say is the future of gospel in this country? 

What is born of God cannot die. The gospel industry cannot die because it is not man’s idea, it is God’s agenda. 

What do you love most about Jesus? 

Everything. Every single thing. 

What do you enjoy most about your calling?  

That I get to be part of what God is doing.  

 What’s your favourite book? 

“God’s Smuggler” by Andrew van der Bijl, Elizabeth Sherrill, and John Sherrill, every time a read it, a fresh fire is ignited in my heart for mission.


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