From ‘Mashakura’ To Michelin Star: Cooking Basics Everyone Should Know

If you are an avid reader of this blog then by now you know that food is close to my heart. Not any kind of food though but good food. We all appreciate good food but let’s face it we have all encountered really bad cooking or even worse made really bad food. I remember once attempting to make Chinese egg rice and ending up with some ugly disastrous lump of rice. I’m yet to recover from that 2013 incident despite redeeming myself over and over.

Many assume that good food means expensive but this need not be the case. Good food is about the art and the technique and today is your lucky day as I get to share some tips collected over time. No more hot mess just cooking up a storm.

  1. Try different cooking methods

Explore different ways of cooking your staples. You can cook your food In so many ways allowing you to experience different outcomes. For instance, you can change from your typical fried chicken and try baking, broiling or grilling. Google on how to go about it and be pleasantly surprised.

  • Don’t shy away from flavors

No one likes bland food. flavour is like the make-up of food, it brings out and highlights its natural beauty. Experiment with different flavours found in herbs, spices and condiments. Discover the unutilized flavour notes in your palate.

  • Up your cooking skill

There is no harm in learning. We have so many sources of cooking classes both free and paid for. Blogs are a good place and I highly recommend some local blogs that use locally available ingredients. I find Kaluhis kitchen and Kanes kitchen super easy and relatable. If looking to impress then maybe you can sign up for a class at one of the many institutions.

Finally, I recommend in investing in good utensils. Beautiful stuff has a way of making completing a beautiful meal so please ditch those plastic ice cream containers.

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