From Coffee Business To Cosmetic World: Meet US Based Kenyan Set To Launch His Lip Line

Moses Mbai has for the past two years been popular for his thriving coffee business in the US and has gone beyond revolving around the cash crop business to introducing other products including soap.

In his latest move, the Kenyan entrepreneur based in Dallas Texas has introduced lip products like lip balm and lip scrub which he intends to launch this month (July 31st). The lip-products will be under his established 5G company.

Sharing his branded lip products on his timeline, Mbai also disclosed the ingredients used in his product marketing his product as quality and natural.

“Our Natural 5G Lip Kit is here to restore, refresh & reset your lips. Lip Scrub No.1- All Natural Suga Scrub Formulated with Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil , Organic Coffee & Sucrose and essentials etc. Lip Balm No.2 – Shea Butter, Cocoa butter, Beewax, Coconut Oil more.”

Sharing his expectation ahead of the launch of this product, Mbai admitted that he was indeed nervous but hopes that people will embrace the product once it is made available.

In 2018, Mbai unveiled the 5th Generation coffee company which according to him was to serve as a continuity of their family business. With his classy branded and exceptional marketing skills, the company has had tremendous growth ever since.

“5th Generation Coffee was created because I noticed an area of opportunity within my family business. We’ve been drinking coffee off our farm for generations but never offered it to the world until now,” he said

In a previous interview, Mbai encouraged other young people who wish to venture into entrepreneurship and warned against the fear of failure.

“Don’t be afraid to fail. Its. Better to take that chance at 20 than it is at 30. You have so much more freedom and less responsibility when you’re getting older. Believe in yourself more.” he said

With his lipline venture, Mbai joins other men in what seems like a female-dominated industry and is likely to make an outstanding impact through this project.

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