From Almost Giving Up to Stardom: Minne Kariuki Shares Journey with Single Kiasi and The Real Housewives of Nairobi

In 2023, Minne Kariuki experienced a whirlwind of emotions. Amidst her return in Single Kiasi S2, a series that remained a top favorite on Showmax for the year, she also made waves in The Real Housewives of Nairobi, setting records for first-day views on Showmax in Kenya. However, intertwined with her professional success was a personal tragedy – the loss of her child through miscarriage, a heart-wrenching ordeal she bravely shared on The Real Housewives of Nairobi.

Real Housewives of Nairobi

Despite the challenges, Minne Kariuki embraced the new year with renewed hope, including the joyous news of her pregnancy. Reflecting on this, Minne expressed a mixture of elation and nervousness, especially given her previous loss. Each day of her pregnancy became a testament to gratitude and a reminder of the preciousness of life, a sentiment shared by her family.

Minne Kariuki Vs Mariah

Transitioning to her character Mariah’s journey in Single Kiasi, Minne delved into the complexities of Mariah’s evolution. Mariah, haunted by past trauma, grapples with unresolved issues and seeks solace in superficial comforts. While Mariah exhibits growth in friendship and ambition, Minne yearns for her character to prioritize self-love and healing. “Mariah wants to face her issues but she’s unsure about it because of the abuse she went through as a child. All these emotions are trapped in her and she just ends up finding solace in men, material things because she refuses to process and deal with her issues.” Says Minne.

Drawing parallels between her on-screen personas, Minne distinguished between Mariah and herself. While both assertive and outspoken, their priorities and lifestyles starkly contrast. Mariah, a glam-seeking diva, mirrors the allure of reality TV, a realm Minne navigates with grounded authenticity.

Reflecting on her dual roles in the Kenyan entertainment landscape, Minne regarded the experience as a divine blessing. Her audition for Single Kiasi, a pivotal moment amid doubts about her acting career, paved the path for her success. The convergence of Single Kiasi’s acclaim and the allure of reality TV affirmed her resilience and faith in divine guidance.

Minne On Her Single Kiasi Co-stars

Amidst her professional achievements, Minne cherished the bonds forged on set, particularly with co-stars Gathoni Mutua and Faith Kibathi. Beyond scripted scenes, genuine camaraderie blossomed, enhancing the authenticity of their performances.  “When you’re on set with someone and have been consistently together for three years, like with Single Kiasi, of course you create a bond. And outside of the set, we’re really good friends even though Faith and I are much closer. We call up to check up on each other and we go for lunch dates.” She says.

Curiosity piqued about her husband’s perspective on Mariah, Minne humorously revealed his disdain for her character’s antics. Yet, amidst their shared viewing sessions, his unwavering support for Minne’s craft shines through, a testament to their enduring partnership.

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