Fresh Sound on the Radio Scene

The Music scene in Nairobi is on a new level in this day and age. We have Quality music video, super clear production vocals, large pool of artists and a wider audience ready to consume. I bet you can listen to a local radio station for an hour or so and not identify all or most of the songs aired. That can be viewed as an upward trend in how we are growing our music industry in the right direction.

I have hit the clubs couple of times and heard some gospel tunes in the mix. They blend so well with secular music but that is a discussion for another day. Some notable jams like Mwema by Mercy Masika, Lingala Ya Yesu by Pitson, Ayaya by Magic Mike just to name a few are gospel Jams that have permeated the secular vault and getting crazy amount of airplay in the club, on radio, in the matatu mixes.

Two guys in the gospel industry have seen this as an opening to create something fresh and exciting for the gospel fraternity. Moses Mathenge (Dj Moz) and (John Njuguna) Njugush of the K Crew fame have been pushing for long time this new sound of gospel, the swift, funky, jamming type of sound to get young people on the right side of God. We have seen these dudes on morning TV shows like Rauka, seen them play and Mc at gospel events and they are well-known figures.

Kubamba Radio Crew at the new station

Kubamba Radio Crew at the new station

Now they have a new force to reel the gospel scene. Enter Kubamba Radio 91.6fm. A new station in the 254 Nairobi region that’s striving to capture the young audience. There might be over 100 radio stations in Kenya right about now, but purely gospel stations are about 4. The four existing have their niche but honestly do not appeal to the younger generation. With only a few weeks on Air, Kubamba Radio has identified a sound to push the young culture. The quality of their music is at par with secular stations.  With a strategy of playing 60% local content, and truth of the matter is that local acts are churning huge amount of songs at the moment now they have a young station on at their disposal for airplay. I know they have their checks and balances on type of music to air, but the odds will favor the local artists. 40% of the content will be international music and that will cater for fans online and those who prefer an alternative sound.


The founders of the station being Djs, they have incorporated mix shows on the content log. Famed Gospel Djs such as Sadic, Mo, Krowbar and Double O have had segments on the station. 15 minutes mix segments every last Quarter of the morning hours allows even upcoming disk jockeys to be featured. Seasoned producer Saint P has a new show in the afternoon creating an avenue for artists to get exclusive airplay and interviews. The New crop of artists like Willy Paul, Maluda, Kelele Takatifu, Rigga, Dafari just to name a few now have direct avenue to beam their art. Shining a light on music production skills and breaking music will be the niche to pull the masses to his show.

The station is creating quite a buzz online with the few shows on Air. It is an easy listen while driving in traffic and surely it is bound to grow. Young presenters should view this new door as an opportunity to present that team with ideas for shows and maybe get a slot. Not many companies come out calling for staff, but you can sell and idea and be part of forging history. After all their slogan says get inspired.





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