Frederick Muitiriri Lands New Job At TV47 After Switch TV Shut Down

Renowned TV anchor Frederick Muitiriri has landed a new job as a Swahili news anchor at TV47 after the shutdown of his previous employer Switch TV which rendered many Kenyans jobless.

The excited anchor has taken to his social media to announce the big news and express his gratitude to God.

“On Dec 31st 2021, my former station officially closed and rendered many of us jobless, COVID-19 manenos, but by 5th of Jan 2022, God had already opened a new door at TV47, Home of Untold Stories! I serve a God who neither sleeps nor slumbers. He is a kind and a loving God, He is a good God. He’s a miracle worker! I hope that this will convince you that you can actually give your life to Him to truly direct your paths! Bwana Asifiwe!,” he exclaimed.

Frederick Muitiriri (@FredMuitiriri) / Twitter

Muitiriri had worked at Switch TV for two years before the newsroom doors were closed shut. He led a team of 25 individuals who made his work a success. Before Switch TV, the previous police officer worked as a reporter for Inooro TV.

Switch TV stated that it will be ceasing on-air broadcast operations.

In a statement dated Friday, December 10, Switch TV media group Chairman, Sahil Shah, stated that they will be focusing on the digital space.

In a previous post announcing his exit, Muitiriri thanked his boss Tamima for giving him a shot.

I’m extremely grateful to my former boss @misstamima who gave me The Shot. To my current boss, Simaloi Dajom, I pray that the Lord will guide you in the next phase of this project,” he wrote.

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