Four Kenyan Podcasts Set to Benefit from Spotify’s $100,000 Fund

Four Kenyan Podcasts are among 13 African podcasts benefiting from the African Podcast Fund.

The $100,000 fund aims to boost the careers of podcast creators through financial grants, workshops, and networking opportunities.

The fund will be administered by Africa Podfest, a Kenyan-based company focused on inspiring and elevating African podcasters by building a sustainable and inclusive podcasting industry across Africa.

Commenting on the growth of podcasts, Africa Podfest co-director; Melissa Mbugua said the platform has given a voice to underrepresented voices.

“Africa Podfest is excited about the development of podcasting in Africa particularly because the medium allows underrepresented African voices to tell the story of Africa,” she said.

Recipients of Spotify’s ‘African Podcast Fund’.

Out of the 13 beneficiaries of Spotify’s fund, four Kenyan Podcasts will receive over $12 Million Each.

Four Kenyan Podcasts benefiting from Spotify’s Fund

‘The Sandwich Podcast’, hosted by Joan, Kibz, Nyamita and Owen, as well as ‘the Messy Inbetween’ hosted by Murugi Munyi and Lydia Mukami are the first two Kenyan Podcasts benefiting from African Podcast Fund.

‘’, hosted by Eli Mwenda and Oscar Koome, and ‘Nipe Story’ hosted and narrated by Kenyan writer, journalist, and queer activist Kevin Mwachiro are the second half of Kenyan Podcasts benefiting from the Fund.

Three Nigerian, four South African, Ghanaian and Cameronian podcasts are benefiting from the fund as well.