#FormNiGani? Open Up Conversations About Family Planning

The discussion about family planning has been assumed to be the business of women for the longest time in Kenya. That loophole has been exploited for so long yet family planning is a right enshrined in our constitution.

“Form Ni Gani” is a movement that has been freshly launched to spark a debate on family planning in Kenya.

The Swahili tagline meaning “What’s the Plan” is a movement meant to engage Kenyans in conversations on making informed decisions about our future and the crucial role of family planning. Despite its importance, many Kenyans lack access to both family planning methods and information.

In order to kick off the campaign, 100 young men wearing pregnancy bellies gathered at the city center with placards showing the reverse roles, if men could get pregnant would family planning be accepted a long time ago.

The Health Act of 2017 covers family planning as a Kenyan Constitutional right. Section 6(1) (a) guarantees every adult Kenyan the right to safe, effective, affordable and acceptable family planning services.

Hopefully, the movement will grow over the coming months with even more Kenyans showing their support for family planning in their local communities and on social media – through all the creative powers we have from music and dance to poetry, comedy and the visual arts.


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