Former Miss Universe Rachel Mbuki Was Pushed To Depression By Cyber Bully

Former Miss Universe Racheal Mbuki has opened up on her experience with cyberbullying that lasted more than a year following her wedding.

The queen in May 2020 campaigned for the LGBT community on social media something that took a negative turn as one fan started attacking her with insults.

“It had been non-stop. The bully would go live on Instagram for hours on end, sometimes several times a day, yelling obscenities and telling so many malicious lies about me and my loved ones,” she said.

“I only went live with him three times on Instagram back in May 2020, when I was trying to encourage Kenyans to lend their support to the LGBT community as they were really suffering during the pandemic.

“Mind you, I never knew him before or beyond that. We never had conversations, were never friends but he would lie that he knows me deeply and use that to tell horrible lies about me. He insulted anything and everything I hold dear.”

She said that the bullying was so bad that it reached a point the man was talking about killing her. She had to involve authorities from this point.

“He made it clear that he was never going to stop until I was dead. He vividly described cutting off my body parts.”

“That coupled with all the things he says and how every time he goes live or makes these posts, I am bombarded with DMs, has really heightened my anxiety.

“I have tried so hard to ignore things but it seems like there’s no way of escaping it. One way or another, I will get the news.”

“I would try so hard not to watch the videos. I even had someone go through them and translate them for me, but I still had to see the body-shaming posts, the insults on his stories… I saved them to send to my lawyers. It was stressful,” she said.

“Not to mention him coming into my DMs several times from many different accounts because I kept blocking them, yelling at me to die and sending me obscene threats constantly. It was a lot.”

She said the bullying affected her young marriage.

“I’m a newlywed. I’m supposed to be in my honeymoon phase. Instead, I have had to deal with intense cyberbullying all through,” she said.

“No husband likes to see his wife sad and unhappy or angry. It’s also been gut-wrenching to see how my husband and loved ones have been slandered so terribly. I feel guilty because I’m the public figure, not them. They did not ask for this.

“All of them say not to worry but I still feel like it’s my fault. So it’s been hard but by the Grace of God, we are still standing and thriving.

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