Former Miss Kenya Juliet Ochieng In Tussle With Nigerian Production Company Over “Mascara” TV Serie

Former Miss Kenya Juliet Ochieng was recently on social media to blast a Nigerian production company for allegedly selling and leasing her TV series “Mascara” without her consent.

Ochieng, who has crowned Miss Kenya in 2004 and later ventured into Film production, shared a long post attacking Waltbanger 101 Production following their post on social media announcing an official release date for Mascara.

According to Ochieng, she should be involved in the new direction because she owns the show through her production company Jareke Media.

“Juliet initially entered an agreement with @eurekamemediang for the production of her show initially dubbed “City Divas”,” Said Jareke on Instagram.

“The show was later renamed “Mascara” by the agreement between the two parties. It was agreed by the two parties that at all times Juliet Ochieng would act as Creator and @jarekemedia (through Juliet) would act as Associate Producer. Both parties therefore *Jointly own* rights to the show. By agreement, both parties have rights and obligations some of which have clearly been breached.

“We have sent an official complaint email to @eurekamediang and @wb101pro to try and amicably resolve these issues as a matter of urgency. We look forward to have these issues solved and put aside so we can all celebrate our beautiful project “Mascara”.”

Ochieng said that she learned about the scheduled release through her fans.

“This is a show I created a few years back and partnered with a few people so it could get produced coz the budget was very high,” she said on Facebook.

“We got the best of the best cast, I even gave up the lead role so that another fantastic woman could carry that part…long story short I wake up today to find that I’m tagged everywhere, my show has clearly been sold and my company.

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Responding to her accusations, Waltbanger Productions, however, insisted that they received a go-ahead from Eureka Media and that she should consult her partner first before firing accusations.

“Juliet Ochieng is not a sole title holder of Mascara to series. Those rights also belong to the executive producer Eureka Media.” Waltbanger 101 Prodction said in a statement.

“Waltbanger 101 production (also a VO-production partner and a credited Executive Producer of Mascara) has express permission/rights from both a co-creator and the title owners of Mascara Eureka Media to exploit the title on behalf of the executive producers. We suggest if she has any grievances they should be directed to Eureka Media who own the title and commissioned the TV series.”

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