Former HBR Host Charlie Karumi Relocates To Canada To Purse Acting Dream

Former Homeboyz Radio presenter and digital influnecer Charlie Karumi has resigned and relocated to Canada.

Karumi, who has been a co-host of the breakfast show alongside G-money and even recently joined Kiss TV as a presenter dropped the shocker by saying that he decided to relocate to start a new life with his wife who is a postgraduate student at Courtenay in Canada.

He quit his job unexpectedly this month despite being given a promotion and becoming a presenter on Kiss TV.

“In July I quit my job, packed up my bags, sold our car, packed up our house in Kikuyu and bought a ticket and flew 14338.1 Km from home,” he said on his Youtube channel.

Karumi also revealed that while he is in Canada, he wants to be a movie star by venturing into films and TV shows.

“I am going to be a movie star, it is really what I desire. I want to be in films and movie shows and am going to make that happen ” he added.

He noted that he will be undertaking his journey in the film industry in Vancouver.

“So Vancouver province, there is a place where they shoot tons of movies and shows, and I need to break into the industry there and from there to the world because that is what I want to,” said Charlie.

“I don’t when or how but is going to happen, it is going to be a fun crazy and difficult ride but am ready for it,” he added.

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