Former Adawnage Lead Vocalist Roseline Mwihaki Wins Millions In Royalty Suit Against The Band

Former Adawnage lead vocalist Roseline Mwihaki is seeking Millions in compensation after winning Royalty’s suit against her former band.

Roseline Mwihaki Seeking Six Years Payment Worth of Royalties.

The singer, now based in Arizona, USA is now seeking to be paid over six years’ worth of royalties.

“We are looking at millions of shillings because the royalties have accumulated over the years, and it’s not about one song but more than 10,” Said David Katee, Mwihaki’s lawyer.

Mwihaki who released hits including I Live for You and Uwezo alongside the band left the group in 2015 amid divorce.

She revealed the divorce affected her health affecting availability for some band activities.

Earlier in 2013, the band had however registered to trade as an LLP (Limited Liability Partnership), with 13 members including Mwihaki signing a partnership deed.

Adawnage LLP, registered with Kenya Copyright Board, Music Society of Kenya and other Collective Management Organizations, allowing the band to generate income and collect royalties.

Mwihaki revealed that as she stepped back from her role as lead singer as a result of the divorce case, the rest of the band began to distance itself.

Roseline Mwihaki Accuses Adawnage of not Crediting her songwriting

Mwihaki also accused her former band of not crediting her as a songwriter as well.

“The band has not credited me as the songwriter on either of these songs despite the fact that I am the sole writer and they have continued to collect royalties for both songs, and making no payment to me for my share,”

Magistrate Caroline Cheptoo Kemei Consents to All Plaints Filed by Roseline Mwihaki Against Former Band.

Principal magistrate Caroline Cheptoo Kemei, consented to all the seven plaints filed by Mwihaki.

“The plaintiff has demonstrated her contribution to the band since inception. The plaintiff has proved her case on a balance of probability and this court enters judgment in her favor,” Said Kemei.