Review Of Kilimanjaro Restaurant In Nairobi

My friend cheberber recently came back to Nairobi and what better way to welcome her back than to share a meal. Food says I heart you in the sincerest way possible, I believe food is a love language, well maybe just mine😊.

This chic knows my love for nyama so she suggested we check out Kilimanjaro restaurant, its somewhere near Nation center in Nairobi CBD. I’m usually a bit skeptical about restaurants within CBD but she mentioned that they are generous with their portions and suddenly, I was sold.

Our taxi drops us right outside the entrance (super convenient) and as go up the stairs we meet this host who warmly welcomed us in while another directed us to our table. I found this extremely thoughtful, I hate having to walk around a restaurant looking for a table.

We ordered their Arosto (which is fried goat for those yet to try Somali cuisine) with a side of pilau and garlic fries. I honestly wasn’t ready for the portions. It looked like I had half the leg of a goat on my plate. The meat was super tender, but it could do with some seasoning, I honestly found it to be bland which was a tad disappointing. The Pilau was great with just the right amount of spice. As for the garlic fries, they were interesting, looked great but I missed the garlic in them.

Joel our steward recommended the Kilimanjaro shake and I must say it was simply amazing; this shake was a burst of flavors with great chocolate chunks in between the sips. Cheberber also thoroughly enjoyed her mango smoothie which looked nothing short of divine.

Service was prompt and everyone there is super friendly. Their pricing is reasonable compared to the portion sizes. Two portions of Arosto, pilau, garlic fries, one smoothie and one shake set us back Ksh. 2490.

Truthfully for now this place gets a three based on the flavor inconsistencies. Kindly check this place out when next in town and looking for a decent place to eat.



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