Food Content Creator Boina Joins NRG Radio

That Girl Boina, known for her passion for food, is beaming with excitement as she embarks on a new journey in her career.

Following a rigorous selection process as part of its 6th-anniversary celebrations, NRG Radio has announced that food content creator Boina has joined their team, recognizing her distinctive talent and vibrant persona.

Additionally, NRG Radio highlighted its commitment to quality broadcasting, stating, “As we celebrate #NRGAt6, let’s honor the dedication and passion of the team behind @NRGRadioKenya. Their unwavering commitment to delivering quality content has set a standard for excellence in the broadcasting industry.”

Her addition comes at a time of transition for the station, with several young personalities joining its ranks in the wake of departures by other presenters.

Boina will make her debut on NRG Radio as a co-host of the popular show, NRG Midday Pulse, alongside five other presenters.

Listeners can look forward to tuning in from noon onwards to experience Boina’s infectious energy and engaging conversations.

For Boina, this new role marks a significant milestone, propelling her from internet stardom to the world of radio broadcasting.

While her achievement has stirred up mixed reactions among netizens, with some questioning her suitability for the position in light of the challenges faced by many mass communication graduates, others have celebrated her success, offering words of congratulations and encouragement as she embarks on this exciting new chapter.

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