Flower Girl: A Classic RomCom with Nigerian Flare

By Monica Obaga, Buni.tv 

Kemi has a perfect life. A great job, family, best friend, steady boyfriend, but one thing is missing, a proposal from said boyfriend, Umar. He is a career-obsessed lawyer, wanting no distractions from his corporate climb, not even the love of his life. When a celebrity actor crashes his car into Kemi (she lives), his PR nightmare becomes Kemi’s opportunity to get Umar to propose.

Flower Girl is a classic romantic comedy with a meet-cute that is brutal then suddenly hilarious. Kemi is a bubbly florist with hot temper. Her sweetness balances out her larger-than-life personality, making her one of the more interesting rom-com heroines I have encountered.  In an instance mistreatment, she douses the perpetrator with a bucket of ice water! She is definitely not one to suffer in silence!

The rom-com tropes like the fairly absent, zany best friend, the makeover montage and more, keep things familiar if one likes that sort of thing. The film outdoes the genre by making sure that the political balance between the sexes is maintained. The marriage, though the driver, is not created to fix a hole in either of the protagonists life. You get the sense that the lovers find each other when they are each ready. Although I wouldn’t say the film passes the Bechdel test, it definitely one-ups lots of romcoms in gender equality.

The film’s main goof is that Damilola Adegbite’s portrayal of Kemi needs a makeover at all. She’s gorgeous with or without the makeup and extra hair, and not exactly dowdy to begin with, so that’s a bit of a stretch.

Visually, having a protagonist that is a florist means that we get to see beautiful flora in most of the film, and setting it in Nigeria gives us lots of flare in fashion and music. Flower girl is easy viewing and fun for everyone. Get the girls together and grab some popcorn. It’s movie night!

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