Fitness in Motion: Nairobi Style

Nairobi residents have become what we call ‘Fitness Faithful’. Walk into any gym, be it in a trendy mall, a local area or even a fancy hotel… Trust me! They are all flocked. However, the habit of weight lifting hasn’t yet been picked up, reason being? I’m yet to find out.

Below are a few ways in which Nairobi residents are keeping their bodies all toned and sculptured… without the weights.

 Bikram Yoga

Despite there being a few skeptics, walk into a Sunday Yoga session at BIKRAM YOGA located in Lavington Green Shopping Center, the room is totally full and a whole lot of other people waiting for the next session. What is Bikram you may ask? It’s a 90 minute series of 26 Hathaway yoga postures and two breathing exercises carried out in a room heated to 40 degrees Celsius and 40 percent humidity. Sounds fun right?

Not yet convinced? Well, not only does it help in increasing flexibility but also helps to release a large number of toxins through the breath and the skin by sweating. Call it your one stop to glowing skin and a healthy you.

Dance Fitness

I’m pretty sure most of us have attended a Zumba class or at least heard about it. I like to call this, Fun Fitness. Because you’re having so much fun dancing to your favorite tunes you hardly even notice the number of lunges, dips and squats your taking. This session is full body workout. My favourite classes would be at Prestige Plaza, Smartgyms, Pumpfitness and Shani Gym.

CrossFit Kwetu

To start with, they don’t have elliptical or weight machines. Instead, they use your body and real weights to create free, natural movements. Sessions are run in groups, capped at 10/15 people depending on the session. There is a set warm up followed by a set workout. All movements are explained with time spent on learning them.

The workout of the day or WOD as it’s better known in the Cross Fit world consists of constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity. These workouts usually last 10-20 minutes but can be as short as 5 minutes or even over 30 minutes. You never know what you are going to get., Gigiri Lane.

Martial Arts 

Muay Thai and Kick boxing are just a few of the martial arts offered in Nairobi gyms. To get better balance, power and agility, kick boxing is king among workouts. The benefits from just throwing a punch are numerous. Unlike most other types of exercise, kick boxing emphasizes powerful movements.

Power is different from strength, and for older adults, it’s an even better predictor of mobility; meaning anyone can attend the sessions from children to advanced adults.

Kick boxing training tends to involve short bouts, two or three minutes long of intense, repetitive movements just like Must Thai which is referred to as the Art of Eight limbs because it makes use of punches, kicks, elbows, and knees strikes, this using eight points of contact. Where? At the Colosseum Fitness Center and Reform Studio.

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