Finally! #KatiKati Set To Hold Its Kenya Premiere Next Week

19 January of 2017 by

It’s FINALLY here.

Kati Kati, the film that has sparked a thousand conversations, travelled across cinemas hundreds of miles apart, and has garnered admiration for the team behind it, is finally coming home.

We first heard about a probable January date from one of the super talented artists behind the production – Mbithi Masya – last month on his Twitter account. And now a date has finally been set:

The action will take place at Planet Media, Prestige Plaza on the 26th of January (next week) and although details of how tickets will be dispersed haven’t been released, you can be certain that demand will be high.

Kati Kati is produced by One Fine Day Films – who have been at it a long time, with this being their fifth production in Kenya. Nurturing the creative process and harnessing the talent of those it worked with was the target, and the team subsequently started a number of workshops in conjunction with Film Africa. Almost everyone engaged in Kati Kati participated in those workshops and through them were forged the relationships that eventually led to the start of the project.

The film written by Mbithi alongside Mugambi Nthiga was eventually honoured with the FIPRESCI (International Federation of Film Critics) prize for Discovery at the Toronto International Film Festival at the tail end of last year.

Mbithi also indicated earlier that there had been plans to have it in screens the film this past December, however as a result of obligations by cinemas, there was the need to push it ahead. The performance of the film in festivals around the world as well meant that a delay was inevitable.

A film festival is planned that will be looking to celebrate Kenyan Film and those behind the scenes, putting their soul into creative arts pieces that we should be supporting. More details on that soon!

Keep your eyes out for details on tickets for Kati Kati and be part of the conversation!

To keep up with all the latest updates from the release, follow @MbithiMasya on his Twitter account or check out Kati Kati’s page on Facebook.


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