Filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu Receives TED Fellow Honour

Award winning filmmaker, Wanuri Kahiu has been steadily growing both her brand, her talent as well as her networks over the past few years – and now one of the country’s most prolific content creators Wanuri Kahiu has been named onto the 2017 TED Fellows list.

And make no mistake about it – it’s a pretty big honour. A TED Fellow is someone who stands out – someone who has managed to show case incredible work over the years and stand out in their particular field for doing that. Whether they are making music or pursuing science or designing structures or motivating their peers, TED Fellows are people to emulate and appreciate.

Wanuri’s TED profile is that of an “Afro-futurist filmmaker using the science fiction and fantasy genres to tell modern African stories…”

She joins other luminaries including:

Armando Azua-Bustos, a Chilean astrobiologist, studies microbial life that has evolved to survive in the harsh climate of Chile’s Atacama Desert—and what that can teach us about life on Mars.

Reid Davenport, a documentary filmmaker in the U.S., tells stories about people with disabilities, incorporating his own disability into his work.

Damon Davis, a filmmaker, musician, and visual artist, focuses on the experience of being black in America. Whose Streets, his documentary about the 2014 protests in Ferguson, Missouri, will premiere at Sundance 2017.

Matilda Ho founded Yimishiji, an online “farmers market” for China, and Bits x Bites, China’s first accelerator focused on food tech, which invests in startups addressing challenges throughout the food system.

The TED Fellows program which was first launched in 2009 now includes over 400 separate fellows from 87 different countries.


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