Filmmaker Mark Ayabei Honored In California, Visits Universal Studios

Mark Ayabei, a film producer and director of photography, has been honoured at the Silicon Valley African Film Festival in California.

Ayabei, whose film “Clench” was participating, was sponsored by the Kenya Film Commission (KFC) to attend the event in turn getting the rare opportunity to be hosted by the Senate and Governor of California who praised and appreciated the film for the outstanding performance in using film as a vehicle for community engagement, education and strengthening culture and creativity.

“I thank the Kenya Film Commission for facilitating me to participate in the Silicon Valley African Film Festival. I think more of this support will empower filmmakers and inspire them to do more. The certificates of recognition are a testament that I can do more and that the Kenyan government, through the Commission is supporting me,” said Ayabei.

While there, Ayabei got a chance to visit Universal Studios, Facebook, YouTube, Google and Apple where he met high profile personalities and attended multiple workshops.

Ayabei was part of a team of 11 Kenyan filmmakers who were sponsored with more than Sh500,000 to attend the 21st edition of ZIFF.

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