Are You A Film Stakeholder? The KFCB Wants Your Input

23 March of 2017 by

It’s time for us to make our voices heard – and in more ways than just on social media.

The Kenya Film Classification Board is looking for views on the new Films and Stage Plays Act – and let us hope it will actually take them into account. The goal is to find an acceptable way of regulating the industry and comes after last year’s massive outcry over what is viewed as terms that depress rather than excite and engage a budding sector.

The KFCB says that it’s not looking to clamp down on content – but the only way you can help define the future of film in Kenya is by taking part.

Kati Kati was arguably 2016’s biggest Kenyan film release. 

The CEO of the Film Board, Ezekiel Mutua says that the main aim is protect and help nurture young talent in Kenya – but that this cannot come at the expense of the law. He says that regulations will be in place to encourage the production of homegrown content, but in a manner that sticks to the spirit and the letter of the constitution.

What that means is debatable, but you have the chance to get active and really ask the tough questions.

At the recently held Riverwood 2017 Academy Awards, the KFCB said that any foreign film that is unlicensed will no longer be allowed into the country, in a move to protect local content developers – a moe that will have the most impact on films from the continent – in particular the West of Africa.

Mutua said the move is aimed at shielding local film creators from unfair competition from foreign dealers, and to curb piracy.

The board has also called anyone with a filming licence from the KFCB to ensure they are not doing double duty by paying a filming license to any County Government

Find out more about the work of the classification board as well as any upcoming events through its social media channels on Facebook and Twitter.

Check out their website for the latest on media and regulations for the industry, as well as details on how to connect.


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