Ferdinand Omanyala Asserts Dominance, Winning at ASA Athletic Grandprix

Ferdinand Omanyala has continued to assert dominance in the 100m race, after winning at the ASA Athletics Grandprix 4 at the Germiston Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The record holder for the fastest time in Africa’s 100m clocked his season’s best time of 9:98 on Wednesday.

Omanyala Beats Akani Simbine in a 100m showdown

Ferdinand Omanyala beat former 100m record holder in Africa and Commonwealth Games champion Akani Simbine who finished second at 10:11.

Celebrating his win, Omanyala shared;

Thank you South Africa
Not by my might, nor by my power, but by my spirit
We give God all the glory.”

Speaking after the race, Omanyala said he achieved his target, noting it was a good way to start his season.

He added that he was not in the competition to race against Simbine but was racing against the finish line.

“My main aim was to run under 10.”

He added, “I was not competing against Simbine. I was running against the finish line.”

“I’ve achieved what I came to achieve in South Africa. It was a good start to the season and when you run these times at this point in the season then you’re expecting a good season going forward,” Omanyala said.

The win comes as Omanyala prepares for the Diamond League, the World Championships to be held in Oregon and the Common Wealth games set for Birmingham.