Fena, Kalekye Mumo nd More at Jameson’s Black Barrel Bottle Launch

Musicians, bloggers, media personalities and lovers of a good time showed up at the Mercury Junction recently when Jameson unveiled its new bottle design for its celebrated, triple-distilled Irish Whiskey,  Jameson Black Barrel.

Kati Kati’s Elsapha Njoro, Fena Gitu, media and PR personality Kalekye Mumo as well as top bloggers in the world of food and drink, all showed up for an event (and a bottle) that has received a pretty great deal of hype over the past couple of weeks.

Pretty people, warm evenings and good conversation – you can’t go wrong with that! Couple that with a brand that people are pretty happy to be associated with.

It’s easy to sell Jameson in today’s day and age – not only did Rihanna make it the go-to drink for a good time the world over, a few years ago, but it’s just something almost everyone feels comfortable in, quality, taste and image wise.

This newly repackaged bottle draws on Jameson Black Barrel’s heritage and the manner in which it is manufactured.

Zachary Saitoti and Liz Electra

Brand Ambassador Antony Owich and Toni Kamau

According to Renee Kamau, Jameson Brand Manager East Africa, the bottle tells a story about the history behind Whiskey making for the Irish: “ it’s one that we want to celebrate on every single bottle.” Especially for those who are looking for something that resonates, as well as something that has been crafted to perfection.

For the old fans – there’s something more to discover. And for the new – there’s a whole world of fun times ahead.

Elsapha Njoro

Jameson Black Barrel is a tribute to the cooper’s method of charring barrels. Charring is a traditional method for invigorating barrels and bringing them back to life. The amount of time that the whiskey spends maturing in the barrels s what imparts the whiskey with intense notes of vanilla sweetness and caramel, alongside toasted wood, fruit, and warm spice.

Kalekye Mumo and Nelson Aseka of Pernod Ricard Kenya

Fena Gitu and Jayson Mbogo

Pick up a bottle? Drink it neat, on the rocks or in a classic Irish cocktail.

For more details on Jameson Back Barrel – or all things Pernod Ricard, follow them on Twitter.

Head over HERE for more on their latest releases, as well as some of their best selling classics.

RRP of Ksh. 4,155.

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