Fena Gitu To Drop “Love. Art. Lust” Album In May

Rapper Fena Gitu aka Fenamenal is gearing for a major release of her third album “Love. Art. Lust” this May.

Using the Hashtag #RoadToLAL, the artist has been hyping the project for the better part of this month. LAL will be a continuation of her 2019 album “Unleashed”.

“Road to LAL was road to the third album which is called Love Art Lust, which is a play on Love At Last, but we had to make it cool, pulling back to my last album which was in November 2019 ‘Unleashed’. The pandemic then hit, and then we had to sit down with our thoughts and face reality, face our own truth, face our own faults, and essentially this is where this body of work came from,” said Fena in an interview with Nairobinews.

“Of course, I had started working on it before the last album, but some songs were not yet ready to take on that project, and I like to take my time with anything I am working on. It’s a journey in love. Love for yourself, love for others, and love for God.”

At a young age, Fena was introduced to music, and it quickly became a passion of hers.

Despite initially dreaming of becoming an astronaut, she eventually decided to pursue music.

Her big break came in 2008 when Gitu won the “Fete de la Musique” singing competition at Alliance Francaise Nairobi, which marked the start of her successful musical career.

Gitu, like many other musicians, began at the bottom and worked her way up slowly. In 2009, she started out as a backup singer for Dela, but later joined Muthoni Drummer Queen’s team in the same capacity after a few months.

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