Fena Gitu Celebrates After Resolving YouTube Copyright Infringement Strike

Afro fusion Kenya artist Fena Gitu is back in celebration mode after successfully resolving a copyright infringement issue on her YouTube channel.

The dispute arose over the unauthorized use of artwork in one of her music videos, prompting a temporary takedown of the video. However, Gitu took to X on April 24 to announce the good news to her fans, expressing her joy as the video, titled “Keki,” featuring Sol Generation’s Bensol returned to the platform.

In her post, Gitu exclaimed, “Aaaaand we’re back!! ‘Keki’ is back up on YouTube, just in time. Let’s push push puuuush!! @Bensoulmusic.” She further elaborated on the resolution, stating, “We have amicably resolved a copyright infringement issue with @artofwisetwo for the use of his mural at BaoBox. #ArtistsForArtists.”

The issue pertained to the unauthorized use of artwork by @artofwisetwo, a mural artist, in Gitu’s music video filmed at BaoBox, a popular venue in Nairobi. However, through mutual understanding and cooperation, the matter was resolved, allowing Gitu to reinstate the video on her channel.

“Keki,” featuring fellow artist Bensoul, is a vibrant track that showcases Gitu’s signature style and lyrical prowess. With its catchy beats and infectious energy, the song has garnered attention from fans adding to her recent catalog.

This comes after Gitu shared her excitement for the future of her music career, hinting at upcoming projects in the backdrop of her ‘’Love Art Lust’ album release.

Gitu’s recent triumph on YouTube adds to her list of achievements, including her appointment as Spotify EQUAL Africa ambassador. The EQUAL Africa program aims to promote diversity, equality, and inclusion within the music industry by amplifying the voices of female artists across the continent.