Favorite 2022 Kenyan Album & EP Picks

2022 was a good year for Kenyan music. Several artists dropped amazing singles, EPs, and albums. Fire collaborations and dope new acts such as Ethan Muziki, and Brandy Maina getting to the limelight were also key highlights of the year. Below are our favorite picks of 2022 Kenyan albums and EPs.

Invisible Currency – Khaligraph Jones

Unlike his past projects, Khaligraph’s sophomore album Invisible Currency showcases his vulnerable side. ‘Invisible Currency‘ is described as a concept representative of the worth of his unique brand as the OG. The 17-track album features top bangers such as Kamnyweso, Hiroshima, and Ikechukwu.

2022 Kenyan album

Lisa Oduor-Noah – Lisa Oduor-Noah

This self-titled Soul and RnB album is a collection of beautiful love songs and tuneful harmonies. Lisa lays her emotions bare to create a sonically aesthetic masterpiece. The album has 9 tracks some of which include Jahera, Alive, and Mine.

Savage Level – Savara

Savage Level is Savara’s debut album and part of Sauti Sol’s Alone Together project. With songs such as Sababisha, Reggae Ya Kinyozi, Killem Every Day, and Fashionista, this album is the perfect playlist to get you psyched up and go after what you want.

Bundle Of Joy – Nadia Mukami

Motherhood is a beautiful thing and Nadia Mukami’s Bundle Of Joy EP is proof of that. The 4-track collection is a dedication to her son Haseeb Kai. It hosts Kai Wangu, Saluti Kwa Mama, Zawadi, and Acheni Mungu Aitwe Mungu.

Adventures Of Chris Kaiga – Chris Kaiga

This is the most fun album on the list. Chris Kaiga has mastered the art of making sherehe and fun bangers and this 8-track album is a showcase of that. Adventures of Chris Kaiga is hit-packed and some of the most popular tunes in this collection include I Want, Kwa Ceiling, Kengele, and Ongeza Debe.

Lamu Nights – Octopizzo

Lamu Nights is Octopizzo’s 6th studio album. The 10-track ensemble features high-profile collaborations with artists such as Lisa Oduor-Noah, Burukyln Boyz, and Okello Max among others. In the usual Octo style, this album oozes top-notch production quality. It is the home to songs such as No signal, Eau De Vie, Vacation, and Zigi Zaga.

East Mpaka London – Burukyln Boyz

East Mpaka London was a highly anticipated 2022 Kenyan album release and the 16-track compilation lived up to the hype. While its songs address various themes, this album tells a story of growth and achieved dreams. Burukyln claimed their Drill royalty spot in this album. It features songs such as Dream Ya Kutoka Kwa Block, Blicky, and Pree.

Therapy – Nyashinski

Nyashinski’s surprise project Therapy was without a doubt the most lyrically correct EP of the year. The songs in this 4-track outfit are Night School, Kabla Tudie, Showman, and Tunnel Vision. Inspired by his Shin City concert, Therapy is a very introspective playlist.

Ndani Ya Cockpit 3 – Wakadinali

Yet another highly anticipated 2022 Kenyan album, Ndani Ya Cockpit 3 by Wakadinali was dropped right before wrapping up the year. In it are songs such as Singefanikiwa, Tourist, Balalu, and Rong Cypher Vol 2.0. From amazing collaborations to fire bars to an outstanding cypher, this album is a must-listen for all Drill music lovers.

Heavy Is The Crown – Chimano

Chimano’s Heavy Is The Crown was the last installment of Sauti Sol’s Alone Together project. Creatively, the album was quite a surprise as Chimano explored the classic, funk, soul, and rich sounds of the 80s and 90s, which is a contrast from Sauti Sol’s sound. The 7-track EP has strong messages on self-love, self-identity, and acceptance. It includes songs such as Hallelujah and Friday Feeling.

2022 Kenyan album

Ethanal Fire – Ethan Muziki

Ethan Muziki is a star to watch out for and his 2022 Ethanal Fire album is a true masterpiece. It is an unconventional 16-track album that tells a story. In it are songs like Sema, Tokea, Bebe, and Wembe, and even skits with Nyokabi Macharia.

Three Wise Goats – Mbuzi Gang

What is a year with a Gengetone album? Mbuzi Gang’s album was released early in the year. Three Wise Goats oozes versatility as Mbuzi Gang explored various genres and collaborations with top artists across East Africa. The 12-song collection has songs such as Shamra Shamra (Remix), Happy Birthday, Wah Wah, and Blessings.

Boss – Okello Max

Okello Max is a whole vibe and 2022 saw him drop his debut album Boss. While he is popular for his contemporary Rhumba style, Okello Max used this 16-track album to flaunt his versatility as a musician and as a collaborator. The genres vary from RnB to Afropop to Reggae just to mention a few. Popular hits from this collection include Oreo, Okinyal Elewa, and Kung Fu.

2022 Kenyan album

Super Morio – Matata

Norway-based Kenyan Gengetone Quintent Matata finally treated their fans to an album with the release of Super Morio. The 15-track collection is a true embodiment of Matata’s authentic Kenyan origin in which they flaunt their witty lines, catchy hooks, and storytelling. It hosts hits such as Oversized T-Shirt, Uhh Uhh, and Siko Fiti among others.

The Other Side – Nikita Kering

Nikita Kering’s talent is undoubtable and her 2022 EP The Other Side release was yet another pleasant surprise that she dropped for her fans. This EP is a sequel to her 2021 EP – A Side of Me. It features 7 tracks including; On Yah – Intro, Last Name, Save Me, Love Outside, Unrelatable, Falling Down, and Get Through.

2022 Kenyan album

Ceduction – Cedo

Super producer Cedo’s album Ceduction was one of the top 2022 Kenyan album drops. Described as the epitome of the East African sound, it features 15 tracks in collaboration with 22 top East African artists. The tracks in this collection include Shots, Nyam Nyam, Imagination Touch, Moto, and Goalkeeper among others.

2022 Kenyan album

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