Fast Food Take Off? Burger King Launches In Nairobi

Well, you can’t say we don’t have any options in this city anymore – at least when it comes to major fast food franchises. Typically (whether in a positive or negative sense) Nairobi has seemed left out of this market – and it is a big one.

The past few years alone have seen the introduction of brands such as Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Cold Stone Creamery, Subway and KFC. And now Burger King has entered the fray!

One of the world’s biggest franchises has joined forces with The Hub in Karen to bring their signature menu offerings to a high end, cosmopolitan mall.

Taking on a franchise is not an inexpensive process – in Kenya alone, opening one, coupled with the logistics of attaining a steady supply of ingredients that meet the standards of the brand would set you back millions. But this is something that the Kenyan operator has inevitably taken into consideration.

It is independently owned and operated through a franchise agreement with NAS Airport Services Limited, a subsidiary of Servair which is one of the largest global airline catering and logistics businesses and a leader on the African continent.

South Africa is currently the market leader with around 50 different outlets across the country. The brand first opened up shop (again through an independent agent) in 2013. It has had a market presence in Egypt since 2007, Morocco since 2011 and the Ivory Coast joins Kenya’s entry this year.

Lets face it – Nairobi is fast positioning itself as a city with diverse tastes and a growing culinary culture. Changing lifestyles and the cosmopolitan makeup of our city means more options. The growth of malls is also contributing to this rise in international franchises. Whether you choose to go the fine dining route, or you want a more laid back vibe – you have options.

Do you have a craving for a whopper with a smooth roast vanilla coffee? The restaurant kicked off with its first orders yesterday at The Hub in Karen and its official media launch is set to take place in the next couple of days. Yes. A press launch for a Burger King. Don’t be mad. It’s a big deal.

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