Fashionista Anita Nderu Amazes Fans With Her Top-Notch Designing Skills

Celebrated media personality Anita Nderu is truly a jack of all trades where fashion is concerned.

Anita’s love for fashion has shown out in everything she does from hosting shows and presenting to running her show ‘The Overdressed Cook’ with the same theme in mind.

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She has managed to leave a lasting impression on people’s minds thanks to her bold fashion statements.

Where she is known for her amazing sense of fashion, she has taken her skills a notch higher as she recently ventured into styling and designing.

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The beauty has wowed fans after a one-of-a-kind dress she designed has emerged online.

The dress was adorned by The Trend Host Amina Abdi who wore it on her birthday.

It is a yellow dress which is long and has a whole trail. It’s one-handed at the top and the bottom has a series of ruffles all the way to the bottom. According to Amina, the dress is actually heavier than it looks.

Taking to her Instagram page earlier today to celebrate her birthday, Amina wrote a hearty thank you message to Anita for the beautiful dress.


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