Fashion was born in #Africa


Story by Ciku Kimani for THE NATION

Egyptians feature greatly in the Old Testament, and that is proof enough that they decorated themselves, but even before Africans were exposed to the rest of the world (or is it before the rest of the world was exposed to Africa), they still dyed their hair.

The Maasai and the Turkanas still do it, and not with the chemical hair dye now available, theirs was pure ochre.

I once used it on my hair, what a bad idea! I couldn’t wash it off for months, but it rubbed off on everything that came in contact with my hair, not to mention the smell.

Let’s not even go into jewelry and multiple piercings and the painful looking tattoos from our Sudanese brothers in Sudan — no one is going to convince me that they got that from the West.

I so subscribe to the theory that the more things change, the more they remain the same.

Fashion revolves as opposed to evolving — nothing is new under the tropical sun, or any other sun.

The designers might try to convince us that they come up with new things every season, but all they change is the size of the models who seem to get smaller, probably the only fashion thing that did not originate from Africa.

Have yourself a fashion conscious day and pay homage to our African ancestors; Dolce and Gabbana aint got nothing on them.

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