Fashion In The Kenyan Music Scene

YouTube vloggers, bloggers and just about anyone with a great sense of style, a camera handy and a good eye for picking pieces that complement each other is dubbed a trend setter these days. Fashionista is thrown around even, and in some circles, celebrity (sic.)

It’s easy to forget that fashion, the traditional, the unconventional and the outlandish styles were first, a lot of the times, curated by celebrities. Remember Madonna’s iconic cone bra? Lady Gaga’s shoes? That time she wore a meat dress to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards? Sure, we aren’t all running around in meat dresses and pointy bras but those styles set these artists apart, and that’s something I’m glad our local artists are embracing!

Speaking of that cone bra, one glamorous trend setter, Victoria Kimani actually rocked the look on her Instagram while taking promotional shots for her recently released album Safari. In a fashion film released in late September, a first of its kind, Victoria show cases Kenyan style and rich heritage against a backdrop of some of our best natural landscapes. From a Maasai checkered skirt paired with a beaded bustier in the opening scene, to distinctly Kenyan chockers, matching skirt outfits and African inspired Safari wear as the film unfolds.


Sauti Sol, Africa’s Best group (I’m not just bragging because they’re countrymen, I can back it up. They were recently handed the title at the MTV Africa Music Award this last October) are at the top of the trend setter list. You’ll agree with me that although most of their fashion choices are right on the money, a couple of the others put a target on their backs, with trolls on Twitter (KOT) You’ll no doubt remember their, (mosquito) net outfit? The Bedsheets from their performance on Coke Studio Africa with Yemi Alade? They had the last laugh on that one, when that same outfit, was featured in the first major UK Exhibition dedicated to contemporary African Fashion, Fashion Cities Africa

Sauti Sol Yemi Alade

Patricia Kihoro is another outstanding artist whose afrocentric style sets her apart in the industry. Lending her voice to the very popular Afro Central show on Homeboyz Radio, is a labour of love that features exclusively, a host of only African music. Highlighting the sounds of Africa extends not just to her music but also to her personal style choices (girl can rock a fro!) that no doubt played a role in getting her an endorsement deal with Amarula, “sharing everything that celebrates Africa”.


Moving forward into 2017, one can only hope that more artists will curve out their own distinct style!
We’ll be watching!

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