Coke Studio Africa: Fashion Edition

“Cause everything designer, her jeans is Helmut Lang, shoes is Alexander Wang and her shirt the newest Donna Karan wearing all the Cartier frames, Jean Paul Gaultiers cause they match with her persona.” – A$AP Rocky, Fashion Killa

I admit, when I first heard Kris Kross, I was hooked. Their catchy beats had me jumping around the house bobbing my head and being, to mum’s chagrin, a rebel teenager. It was when I started insisting, vehemently, on wearing those baggy ill-fitting jeans that she hadn’t wanted to buy me in the first place, backwards, that she put her foot down. Kris Kross were hot at the time and almost everyone was listening and copying their style. What they wore, how they did their hair… everything!

This sort of trend continues today in the way we like to dress in tune with our musical influences (influencers.) No wonder a lot of artists have ventured into the clothing business, from Kanye West with his Adidas Yeezy Boost that sold out in 12 minutes, to Beyonce’s House of Dereon & Ivy Park. Shoes, sportswear, scents, even hair (that natural hair revolution is thanks to the likes of Solange) all have musical influences. This isn’t just an international thing though. Remember when E-Sir, Nameless and even Redsun had (still has) the DuRag so every cool guy was sporting one? These stars influenced that fashion trend here, and I see this happening again, with the acts on Coke Studio Africa.

Watching the show, one can’t help but feel proud of not just the talent, new & established, that we discover, but also of the vibrant, colourful African inspired attire that is celebrated on the show. From Dela’s Masaai neckpieces to Mejja taking the stage in an African print coat, Jaguar’s brightly styled shirt and even Sauti Sol. This is a great step forward for local designers, and an indication of what is to come, in that, now, who doesn’t want to be seen rocking a dashiki hoodie or that Tribal print Vanessa Mdee performed in? I know I do!





Music still influences fashion! You need only turn to a Tv screen, see a music video and be inspired. Catch Coke Studio Africa airs Every Sunday from 8pm – 9pm

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