Fancy Fingers Introduces Second Children’s Book ‘Lala Land’

Singer, Guitarist and Author Fancy Fingers has introduced his second Children’s book ‘Lala Land’.

This comes after the launch of his first book, ‘Written In The Stars‘ in December 2021.

Announcing on social media, the Sauti Sol band mate posted;

“Ladies and gentlemen, introducing my second book of the ‘Papa and I’ series, LALA LAND”

The singer shared that the ‘Papa and I’ series came about because there hasn’t been enough African content for Kids.

Fancy Fingers revealed that Lala Land is a brainchild of Kenyan creatives, writing;

“Done by an all Kenyan Team, by Us for Us.”

The Sauti Sol team also shared the introduction of the book on Twitter, writing;

“A big congratulations to Fancy Fingers on the official launch of his second children’s book, Lala Land, which is part of the ‘PAPA AND I’ series.”

Sauti Sol And Sol Generation Introduces Sol Kids

Fancy Finger’s children’s book series is part of Sauti Sol and Sol Generation’s venture into the kids market.

The team announced the introduction of Sol Kids, a platform of content geared towards children.

Sol kids will work on books, comics, music, events, toys and games.

The group and label have partnered with Melissa Wakhu the writer of ‘Written in the star’ on their latest venture, ‘Sol Kids’.