Fancy Fingers Celebrates African Culture with His Book Reading in Hamburg, Germany

Sauti Sol’s European tour is ongoing and Fancy Fingers is sharing the African Culture with his book reading and signing.

The group’s lead guitarist who has released two children’s books; ‘Written in the stars’ and ‘Lala Land’ shared his experience reading and signing his books in Hamburg, Germany.

Fancy Fingers Details the success of his children’s books in Europe

Detailing the book reading and signing experience in Germany, Fancy Fingers shared;

“Today I’m going to do a book reading.”

The Singer was invited by a Kenyan community in Hamburg who saw his book readings back in Kenya.

Sharing the idea behind the books, Fancy Fingers said the books are meant to show the great side of Africa and how to celebrate the culture.

“Schools do not put enough emphasis on stuff that is Pan-African, we don’t get to celebrate our own culture, where we are from and the essence of who we are.” He said.

Speaking on the book’s event the singer said the organizing group; ‘Community development fund ladies’ did a fantastic job, adding, “It’s great to see such a big Kenyan community doing things together. It inspires me.”

He added, “It was so Beutiful to see how much this kind of content is needed and yearned for.”

He also spoke of the success of the book.

“All the books I had on tour were sold out!

Next time we aim to do an event in every city we go to.” He wrote.