Fally Ipupa To Grace The 19th Koroga Festival

The only way to close out September party scene is by attending the two-day Koroga Festival slated for the 30th and 1st October. Yes, one month in advance to prepare for a crazy Lingala leg shaking. The concert takes place at Carnivore grounds to celebrate African art, food, and fashion and it has really stirred the scene on how people consume live music.

To commemorate their 19th open air picnic party, Capital Fm is flying in Congo’s finest guitarist, songwriter, and singer Fally Ipupa. The Sexy Dance star rose to stardom from his sheer blend of traditional Congo styles like Ndombolo, soukous with western styles of pop and R&B. Innovation and traditional blend garner him fans from two generations while his music transverses continents keeping him relevant for over 10 years.

Fally Ipupa happens to be an excellent stage performer so rocking a live crowd is no problem armed with a live band and a couple of dancers.

Also rumored to be on stage alongside Fally could be Benga star Dan Aceda, Afro Pop stars Sauti Sol and King of local anthems Kansoul. This is not confirmed yet, but the organizers are promising a surprise local act. The DJs catering for the music and keeping the party fever up will be Dj Joe and Dj Protoge.

Tickets are still trading and you can cop your early bird for a discount price of Ksh1500 while at the gate you will part with Ksh3000.


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